Thursday May 25, 2017

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Air Iceland will be adding a weekly departure at a time that is convenient to tourists
Air Iceland lands in ice land

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Air Iceland, primarily an Icelandic domestic carrier, has announced that it will add an additional weekly flight between Reykjavík and Nuuk during the spring and autumn, bringing its total number of flights to there to three.

Ingi Þór Guðmundsson, an Air Iceland spokesperson, told Sermitsiaq, a Greenlandic news outlet and this website’s sister publication, that the additional flight was intended as way to help promote Nuuk as a travel destination.

In order to do so, the additional flight will depart during the middle of the day. Currently, Air Iceland departures leave Nuuk early in the morning or in the evening as a way to allow passengers time to connect with onward flights to Europe and North America.

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Ever since the route was opened in 2007, Air Iceland has operated two flights weekly between the capitals during the summer. This will remain unchanged.

In 2006, Air Iceland carried 16,096 passengers between Iceland and destinations in eastern and Greenland and Narsarsuaq. Nuuk was added in 2007 and Ilulissat in 2008. During the 2015 season, it carried 26,500 passengers.

Air Iceland also expects to add a flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland’s main international airport, in 2016.

Adding flights is possible due to an expansion of Air Iceland’s fleet, Mr Guðmundsson said. (KM)