Thursday May 25, 2017

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Air Iceland, Greenland airports announce cargo collaboration

Improved cargo logistics will give Greenland new opportunities to export goods
Now preparing for takeoff: a better connection

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Emerging business ties between Greenland and Iceland have been given a lift after Air Iceland Cargo and Mittarfeqarfiit, Greenland’s airport authority, agreed yesterday to improve collorabtion in order to improve cargo shipping.

The centrepiece of the deal is a move by Air Iceland to provide Kulusuk Airport, on Greenland’s eastern coast, with a de-icing machine available for all airplanes traveling through the airport.

Iceland is just two hours away by air from Greenland’s east coast, and Air Iceland operates flights to a number of Greenland towns.

The de-icing machine is expected to be in place by winter and will help improve punctuality.

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The agreement also includes the training of Mittarfeqarfiit personnel by Air Iceland staff, a simplified pricing system and the purchase of equipment for Nuuk Airport.

Speaking for Air Iceland, Vigfús Vigfússon, the company’s cargo manager, said the move could have far reaching consequences for trade between the two countries, and could make it easier for Greenland to export fish products by air.

“The agreement means that it will become easier for us to provide shipping for different sized objects,” said Vigfússon, “This will make the shipping of foodstuffs that much simpler.”

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Hans Henrik Lichtenberg, a spokesperson for Mittarfeqarfiit, said that while a deal of this sort was not unique, the extent of the co-operation represented a turning point for the airport operator.

“The scope and the technological partnership represents a new developent for us, and hopefully this will lead to more jobs being created around Nuuk Airport,” said Lichtenberg.