Saturday May 27, 2017

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Greenland Minerals and Energy

The Kvanefjeld project is centred on the northern Ilimaussaq Intrusive Complex in southern Greenland and includes several large scale multi‐element resources (Photo: GME)

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With Greenland’s 25-year ban on uranium mining lifted by its parliament on October 24, one of the country’s largest untapped resources is now ripe for the harvest. The company that will be the first to benefit from the change will be Greenland Minerals and Energy.

GME is an Australia-based mineral exploration company that has been operating in Greenland since 2007. It will be the driving force behind ‘Kvanefjeld’, one of the world's largest undeveloped resources of rare earths and uranium. 

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Speaking to Proactive Investors Australia in an October 28 interview , Dr John Mair, the company's executive director, said: “It’s a very significant moment for Greenland and it’s an important moment for our company as it puts Greenland on the path towards uranium-producing status and also opens up Greenland’s vast resources of rare-earth metals to exploitation.”

The project team, according to the company, has been readying and refining processes to access the minerals in the most effective and safe manner and have confirmed that the project will now move towards the production stages.

Emphasis has also been placed on environmental research with on-going environmental baseline monitoring across the broader Kvanefjeld project area as well as stakeholder engagement with regional settlements to ensure that forums have been provided for all local stakeholders to discuss the project.